Testimonial: "He was in peace and without words at the amazing service you have provided for us"

Location : North Houston

"On behalf of the Torres and De Leon family, we would like to thank Silverado Hospice, you, and your staff for being there for my father, Alfonso Deleon, in his moment of need. You have been so kind to him and to all of us; ever since you came into our lives, you helped us make my father feel more comfortable and secure. He felt that everything was in its place the way it should be. He was in peace and without words at the amazing service you have provided for us and the care and love you provided for him. We want to give a special thanks to Laura, Maura, Sonia, Jackie, Pastor Greg, and Deccan Scott, and many more that we apologize we may not have named personally. You have been very sweet and kind to us and we are grateful for your service. Thank you!

I just want to share a small story with you. Four days before my father passed away, he gave us the biggest smile we have not seen in a long time. Laura was surprised saying that she believes that is the first time she sees him smile. We asked him what he was smiling at but completely ignored us. It wasn't till later he let me know that he saw my mother (his wife) and knew he was going back to his queen once again. Laura commented that from the time she has been helping my father that it was the first smile he gave to her and she would treasure that smile always."

- Maria T., A Silverado Family Member



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