The Spirit of Volunteering Can be Contagious!

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Hospice patient's passion opens the hearts of Silverado Hospice

True kindness has a way of spreading to those around it. Billy Schindler, a hospice patient with Silverado North Houston has been ringing bells for the Salvation Army at Christmas for many years.  Why? Because he likes to put smiles on people's faces, simple as that.  This year as the season came closer his family worried he wouldn't be able to continue this tradition and passion of his due to his health. But, with a few phone calls, precautions and concessions he was right back out doing what he loves.

In talking with him, he is very loyal to Salvation Army as an organization.  He speaks very highly the the programs Salvation Army provides for the less fortunate.  He gave the North Houston office the idea of choosing four children to "adopt" for Christmas off the "Angel Tree."  We divided into groups and went shopping.  What a great experience.  Then..while delivering the gifts to the Salvation Army tree, the Salvation Army worker asked to be a part of our volunteer program as she loved what she was seeing.  A win-win for everyone-especially the children.

We are already planning for bigger and better things next year. We even have a name for our yearly fun project-"Billy's Kids.'  A very befitting name, don't you think?!

Photo 1: Billy and his wife Pat volunteering!

Photo 2: Mary Badger-Baines as Santa's elf!

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