We Honor Veterans Donation Drive a Great Success

Location : North Houston
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Silverado partners with U.S. VETS to bring the holidays to local veterans

Silverado Hospice North Houston launched a donation drive on Veteran's Day, November 11th which continued through Thanksgiving, ending on December 18th at the U.S. VETS' Holiday Party.

Silverado associates from The Woodlands, Cypresswood and Hospice North Houston gathered boxes of hygiene products, sheets, t-shirts, and socks to give the veterans at their holiday party.

On December 18th, Lueata Evenson of Silverado Hospice North delivered the items and worked with the U.S. VETS team to put together 350 Christmas packages for the 300-350 local veterans that attended the party. The party was a great success with Willie Tullis, a NFL veteran, starting the festivities. Several other local organizations either donated or joined in the day's activities, including a group of Girl Scouts who made 350 handwritten Christmas cards and handed them out!

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