A Season for Poetry

Location : Valley Ranch

As a part of our Nexus program, the Silverado Valley Ranch Poetry Club offers residents an opportunity to stretch their creative muscles. Meetings are held approximately twice a month and open with the recitation of poems by the members. Brainstorming then begins to select a topic for the poem of the day. Once a topic is selected, members throw out ideas and concepts about the topic which are written on a white board. The ideas are then organized and the verses begin to flow. 

Our two most recent poems have centered around the topics of Fall and transitions. There has been a focus not only on the physical transitions occurring around us, but transitions in our lives. There has been a acute awareness within the group of the current transition they are facing in their lives which has resonated in the poetry.

Rainy November Day

There is a day that I remember,
Falling leaves in November.

My clothes are warm, the air is cool,
Working in the yard, a rake my tool.

Leaves falling from the heavenly sky,
Now it's raining, my oh, my.

Change of season, rain washes green away,
Wet leaves are here to stay.

Rain from above, the sky is grey,
A frustrating change in my plans today.

I'll go inside by hook or crook,
May as well balance my checkbook.

Should I read? Should I knit?
Should I throw a hissy fit?

The memory of summer calls my name,
Will I ever get that fall yard tame?

All of the facts, I find them taxing,
I must make a change and start relaxing.

A warm fireplace and my favorite clothes,
I now settle down as the memory flows.

Memory of the beautiful warm weather transitioning to fall,
And of the beauty of winter. Oh, how I appreciate them all.


When we think about Fall, we think leaves and pumpkins cute,
We think of orange and red and yellow to boot.

Orange is the color of love expressed.
Try it, put it to the test.

When we think about leaves and the raking, raking it takes.
Our backs are bent. Oh, how they ache.

It's a mixed bag of tricks,
Plants and trees are now sticks.

The whole transition of the trees,
The gorgeous colors of the leaves.

Also, transitions occur inside.
Time to let the mind decide.

Transitions occur while we sleep,
So wait till morning to make a peep.

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