All Aboard the Father's Day Express

Location : Valley Ranch
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Several men from Silverado Valley Ranch enjoyed an outing to the Grapevine Depot where they boarded an excursion train. The return trip lasted about an hour and included a trip to the snack bar. Back at the Grapevine Depot, a visit was made to the glassblowing and blacksmith shops. After their return from the train trip, a Father's Day Barbecue was prepared for all the men of Silverado Valley Ranch.

In honor of Father's Day, our Silverado Valley Ranch Poetry Club wrote a poem.


Jump in the pool or a round of golf to play,
Backyard cooking on the grill. It is Father's Day!

When I think of my daddy and the power,
I want to give him a fresh, young flower.

I was close to my dad, I loved him so much,
He would never desert me or stay out of touch.

He was a good Baptist and so sweet to me,
He gave me a nickname, I was called Peewee.

Your dad may still be living, maybe he's not,
Sadness at his loss overwhelms me a lot.

I wish he was here, but everything ends,
He is in heaven with his other friends.

Now I am blessed because I am the dad,
Being a father has made me so glad!



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