Bo, Everyman's Dog

Location : Valley Ranch

The View from Valley Ranch

Bo is a fixture at Silverado Valley Ranch.  His big smile, casual attitude, and welcoming heart enriches the lives of our associates, residents, and their family members alike.

Bo is a Yellow Labrador.  Rachael Nelson, current Administrator of Silverado Turtle Creek, was the Administrator at Valley Ranch when Bo was adopted. Rachel shared the following information with us:

“We found Bo on Craig’s list in 2008. I think he was 5 then, so he is probably about 10 now.  He belonged to a family who had 3 teenage boys who were becoming very involved in a lot of after school and weekend activities.  Bo became very anxious being at home alone for long hours so the family was looking for a home where he could get a lot of love and attention.  It was a hit from the start.  He was with us through our initial construction.  He was the first one to test out the fountain as a swimming pool when we filled it up with water for the first time.  We had to explain to him that it was not for his recreation!”

The only drawback to living at Valley Ranch is that everyone loves to sneak a treat to Bo, making him very happy, but very overweight.  As a result of several interventions, he has lost 35 pounds over the last year.  Way to go Bo!!

Sadie Richards, the daughter of LVN Stephanie Richards, perfectly described Bo. Sadie said, “Bo is so good with kids and puppies.  If he ever finds a girl, he will be a great dad.”



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