Bo is Retiring!

Location : Valley Ranch

Bo, Everyman’s Dog, is officially retiring from service at Silverado Valley Ranch. Bo has been at Silverado for over 5 years and is about 10 years old.  He recently suffered from a severe “Hot Spot.”  He was at the vet for 10 days where the hot spot spread from ear to ear under his neck.  His neck had to be shaved.  When Bo left the vet, he went home with our Evening Receptionist, Crystal Gattis, to fully recover from the hot spot issues.  When he returned to the vet for a follow up visit, he was having problems walking on his right rear leg.  Bo has struggled with joint problems over the last year or so.  The vet did an x-ray and found damage to his ACL (knee joint).  Because of his age, we are opting to not have surgery and allow Bo to retire and heal.  He continues to live with Crystal, her family, and their dogs, Buster and BG. Silverado Valley Ranch plans to host a retirement party for Bo within the next month.  Be sure to come help us wish him a fond farewell!

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