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The View from Valley Ranch

Gretchen Brosch is a volunteer with Silverado Hospice in Dallas.  She visits Hospice residents at Silverado Valley Ranch three times a week.  This alone would make Gretchen a special person, but her story is even richer and deeper. Her mother, Betty Hastreiter, was a long time resident of Silverado.  Gretchen came to visit her almost every day.  When her mother passed away, Gretchen decided to continue coming to Valley Ranch.  We spoke with Gretchen to learn a little more about her and her volunteer efforts.

Now that your mother has passed on, why do you continue to come to Silverado and volunteer?

For the love of the residents; I was a Special Ed Teacher for so long, I advocate for people who can’t speak for themselves.   Paying it forward; (in an effort to say thank you for) all the care everybody gave mom.

Do you find it hard to come to Silverado since your mother has passed?

I feel like she’s still here, I feel her here. She always told me to help other people and not to sit around the house! You become so close to the residents, you think about them more than the fact that this is where she passed.

You do a great job connecting with other family members, tell me about that.

I helped form a family group. We meet once a month for lunch. We meet away from Silverado, so it is an opportunity for people to come and feel free to talk and support each other. The group is really growing.

We would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You Gretchen” for all you do to enrich the lives of the associates, family members and residents at Silverado Valley Ranch!

Gretchen Brosch


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