More Poetry from the Poetry Club

Location : Valley Ranch

Mother's Day

"I love my mom and she loves me.
She taught me rules and poetry,

She put me to bed and made me smile,
Working hard at her job all the while. 

My mom gave me lots of help and even a second chance
When I disobeyed her and stayed late at the dance. 

Mom's the one to make a home all that it should be,
Mom's the one we want to be with. She's so much fun to me.

My mother is no longer with us. She has passed away.
But I have such good thoughts of her every single day. 

Brilliant, honorable, and giving describe her to a tee.
I will always love my mom and she will always love me."

-Written by the residents of Silverado Valley Ranch

A Poem About Spring

“Spring skies, sunny or grey.
Time to put the blankets away.

The kids are taking tests
While mom is spring cleaning the mess.

Warm weather brings us outside without a coat,
To see the plants come up and the butterflies float.

Gardens and flowers are all in bloom,
There's a soft green carpet to the outside room.

Young animals are everywhere,
Insects and pollen are in the air.

Dad is cooking outside on the grill,
Mom's getting things ready, so you be still.

Now that the weather is fine,
The kids all know it's baseball time.

Time to go outside and play,
Vacations, the beach and fishing all day.”

-Written by the residents of Silverado Valley Ranch

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