Photo Story of the Week: Pirates Landed on Jamaica!

Location : Valley Ranch
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Silverado Valley Ranch residents were enjoying their pina coladas, fruit kabobs, and the dulcet tones of the steel drum when all of a sudden associates, dressed as pirates, invaded Staycation: Jamaica!

The pirates/associates had an in service meeting earlier in the day. This month's in service meetings included a snack (Caribbean jerk wings and fruit kabobs), community updates, , acknowledgement of Caught You Caring recipients, discussion of the in service topic for the month, and celebration of birthdays and work anniversaries.

After the meeting, the real fun began with our Staycation: Jamaica Happy Hour.  Residents and associates had a great time dancing to the island music. One pirate took “selfies” with many of our residents. A family member even jumped into the pirate spirit. Many an “Arrrr!” and “Ahoy, matey!” were heard. Fortunately, the pirates were only looking for fun, so no plundering or pillaging was done.


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