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Location : Valley Ranch
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Enriching lives at Silverado Valley Ranch involves more than just providing entertainment. Silverado Cares is a program which offers our residents purposeful activities. Valley Ranch residents have begun bi-weekly outings to the DFW Humane Society to volunteer. The group was first given an orientation by Gretchen Brosch. Gretchen is a longtime volunteer at the humane society. She is also the daughter of a previous Valley Ranch resident and a volunteer with Silverado Hospice. Volunteers were also given t-shirts from the Humane Society and name badges for the Silverado Cares program.

While at the animal shelter, the volunteers have provided several different kinds of service. The group has sorted donated items and flattened newspapers to be used on the bottom of cages. They have interacted with the animals by walking the dogs and petting the cats. They have made dog treats then handed them out to the dogs. One gentleman even acted as a greeter at the front door of the shelter and they attributed his welcoming kindness to the adoption of one of the animals.

Giving back is an important part of feeling like a valued member of the community, especially for those individuals for whom volunteering has been a major part of their life. Gretchen commented, “I am impressed by the interaction between the Silverado residents and the other volunteers and those coming to adopt a pet. The residents are making a real difference.” Silverado Cares demonstrates that Silverado Valley Ranch residents continue to engage in purposeful activities and give back to the local community.

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