Testimonial: "It must be the love..."

Location : Valley Ranch

"I remember being in the office of the orthopedic doctor with my mother two weeks after she moved into Silverado. At the previous office visit, he was following up on her third hip fracture which had caused a sharp decline in her overall condition and increased vascular dementia. (Yes, a hip fracture or other acute trauma can increase dementia.) Mother hardly spoke, made little eye contact, and sat slumped over in her wheelchair. She had lost 17 pounds in 11 weeks in a skilled nursing facility. I think she just wanted to die. After spending her first two weeks in Silverado, we were back at the orthopedic doctor for an appointment. She was smiling, sitting up, answering questions...it was a marked change in countenance. The doctor asked me, 'What happened? Your mother is so different!' I told him, 'The only thing that has changed is that she moved into Silverado two weeks ago. It must be the love.'"

- Lil, A Silverado Family Member


 "Then and Now" by Crystal, A Silverado Associate - Lil's mother as a young woman and a toward the end of her life.



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