Testimonial: "Soon my dad will see Silverado as his home..."

Location : Valley Ranch

"The very kind folks at Silverado took their time with me. Never pushy, they availed themselves to my inquiries and met with my family several times to 'minister' to us; and this while my dad was still in Tulsa, OK. In fact, while my dad was in Tulsa, Sharyn, who serves at Silverado, went to my dad's home to assess his condition. That's true commitment. And Sharyn continues to serve the needs of my dad, along with Brad, Charlotte, and the other professional caregivers there. 

My dad has Alzheimer's. This terrible illness is hard to witness. While I'm visiting him there, he seems so at ease. And when I leave, I do so in the full knowledge that the Silverado team knows my dad and cares for him. 

Soon my dad will see Silverado as his home. His grandkids see a visit there as a visit to Papa John's home. They love the food -- especially the ice cream! And a visit there is always so good...natural."

- A Silverado Family Member

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