Texas Winter

Location : Valley Ranch

A Poem by the Silverado Valley Ranch Poetry Club

Texas winters are unique,
Fits all four seasons in one week.
Warm to chilly, chilly to cold,
Roller coaster weather does get old.
Cold, grey skies and frosted car windows,
Warm, blue skies, shorty-shorts and bare toes.

But Texas is still the place to be,
So much to do, so much to see.
Rodeos, ranches, parks and cities,
Wild life, wild plants and really big kitties
(also known as mountain lions)

No matter where you are, be it North or South pole,
You can take someone out of Texas,
But you can’t take Texas out of the soul!

 Written by the Silverado Valley Ranch Poetry Club
January 30, 2017
Alex, Margaret B, Petty Jo and Patti

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