Testimonial: "Silverado is a wonderful place for their residents and their families... "

Location : Kingwood

"Bobby's father, who is 91 years old, rode over 12 hours to come down to see him this week. The reunion was beautiful. When Bobby first saw him, I don't think he recognized his father but after a few seconds, you could see the recognition and pure joy in Bobby's face.

A week earlier I had asked the Silverado family to make sure Bobby was fresh and nicely dressed for that day.

He looked so good when we got there. Bobby's family was amazed at the wonderful place he is staying. They commented on how much it felt like home and not an institution.

I want to thank you and the whole Silverado family for making this reunion such a blessing. But it's not just this one day, it is everyday. Silverado is a wonderful place for their residents and their families."

- A Silverado Family Member


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Our elegant ladies of Silverado enjoyed a nice cup of tea together!

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