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Moving halfway across the country can be a big deal regardless of your circumstance. But the challenges with a big move are intensified for someone with a memory-impairing condition. When Herb, who lives in Plano, Texas, got a call with news that his sister’s assisted living facility in California could no longer handle her memory-impairment, he turned to the Silverado At Home team for help.

It had been more than 20 years since Herb had seen Mary, but he knew it would be beneficial for her to be near him to ensure the best possible care. The process of moving a loved one into a care community is daunting enough, but this particular move felt completely overwhelming.

The Silverado At Home team stepped in by arranging to meet with Mary, Herb and Herb’s fiancée, Carol, to complete a comprehensive assessment of Mary’s condition and her needs. The assessment not only resulted in a full care plan, but it also outlined the logistics to fly everyone back to Texas and to help Mary settle into her new home at Silverado Memory Care Community in Plano.

Herb and Carol were more than a little nervous about how Mary would react to both the flight and the transition into a new residence, but the Silverado At Home team remained by their side every step of the way. On the day of the move, a Silverado At Home caregiver with experience in relocating clients accompanied the trio from California to Texas, putting them at ease along the way. The caregiver also worked one-on-one with Mary to help her settle into the new community.

Additionally, the strong communication between the Silverado At Home team and the team in Plano allowed the caregiver to seamlessly transition Mary to a local caregiver who was a perfect match to meet her needs 24 hours a day. Today, Mary can be found cooking up a storm within the community, joining her new friends for Bible study and spending quality time in the beauty parlor.

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