Testimonial: "My prayers were answered when I found Silverado Plano"

Location : Plano

To my extended family at Silverado and Hospice team, in Plano, TX, I would like to thank you for the continued and devoted care for my mother, Mary. She lived at Silverado Plano for 2 1/2 years.

The last part of her journey in life, which was seven months, was with the devoted care fromĀ  Silverado Hospice. Hospice was excellent, and worked as a team with the regular staff at Silverado [the memory care community] to meet all my mother's and our family's needs.

Silverado Hospice kept me informed every step of the way and always answered my questions. The love and devotion the Silverado staff has for their job and the people they care for was beyond my expectation. Silverado hires a special group of people who have the goal to serve you and your family member to the best of their ability, which agrees with the mission of their company.

The final week of my mom's journey at Silverado, everyone in all positions came together to make this a better and easy experience for my mother and family. I could not have survived that week without the Silverado Plano and Hospice staff with their unconditional love and care.

They were our total support team. Everyday I stayed with my mother and Silverado has an internal organization where I could hire someone to stay with my mother at night.

A Silverado Hospice nurse was called to stay with my mom the last day while I was there. The respect he gave my mother as he showed how he valued my mother and her life in her final care was so endearing. He did everything to make her comfortable. Then my mother slipped off to heaven to be with God.

Silverado stayed in touch afterwards to check on my needs. That is the Silverado team as a whole and the humble and caring people they are. My prayers were answered when I found Silverado Plano to care for my mother.


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