Silverado Gratitude Tree

Location : Southlake

Introducing Silverado Gratitude Trees

Every day, our associates share profound moments with residents. Our Southlake residents love our team for providing quality care, leaning in for comfort, as well as reaching out for connection. Families do too. In the past, families have written us letters, or submitted “Caught You Caring” forms to thank associates.

Now we have a better way to capture recognition right when it happens. Our Silverado gratitude tree lives by our entrance, where families can fill out cards whenever they wish to express thanks to an associate. They’re posted for all to see.

These gratitude leaves recognize star players, publically highlight our best practices, and help everyone pay it forward.

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 Testimonial: "[They] have wrapped my family and Mom in their arms and lives..."


"My parents are/were both in Silverado in Southlake, TX. My dad recently passed away and the staff at Silverado could NOT possibly have been more compassionate, understanding and caring at this difficult time..."

 Testimonial: "Absolutely the best staff caring for my mom! Everyone is so genuinely sweet!"


"The activities are all-day long, which keeps my mom happier than when she was at home..."

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