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Testimonial: "I cannot believe the difference in her ability to express herself after just 2 months"

Location : Southlake

"her recall has improved dramatically"

I just spent a week in TX visiting our aunt. I cannot believe the difference in her ability to express herself after just 2 months there. She seems so much more relaxed here and her recall has improved dramatically. I knew going in that there were 2 dogs and 2 birds that lived there at Silverado, but the first time I was there, I mentioned that I would like to see the birds. I fully expected her to remember nothing about any birds, but she took me over after dinner and there they were! She told me how sweet the dogs and the kitten are.

She said she loves it here, and we spent time outdoors under the covered gazebo out by the water. The staff members who I interacted with all were attentive and relaxed, and seemed genuinely interested in the residents. Everybody I interacted with knew her by name and seems to know something specific to her personality. The property and grounds were very clean and well maintained.

The facility itself is beautiful and had the feel of a mansion or a big one-story lodge. Having her in a clean, orderly, well-maintained living space is very important to me and this was important to her, prior to her medical event in 2017 when she lived independently. Her dental health has vastly improved since she has been at Silverado as well, and we all know that oral health can greatly affect overall physical health. A very good first experience here, and I look forward to the next one.

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