Comfort Level Increases for Hospice Patients and Families

Location : South Houston Hospice

By Silverado Staff

Transitioning from regular medical care to hospice care can cause anxiety for hospice patients and families.

Understanding that, Silverado Hospice South Houston offers all new patients a 'home' visit by one of the team physicians within the first seven days of admission.

Silverado Medical Director Dr. Joseph Roosth and Dr. Lakshmi Seshadri's team schedule visits to new patients within the first week of enrolling with Silverado Hospice. This is not a standard that all hospices employ and something that sets Silverado Hospice apart from others.

Reviewing the hospice plan of care, including medications for symptom management and completing a thorough exam, provides the hospice clinical team with beneficial information to ensure the highest quality of palliative care. In addition, the physicians allay fears and anxieties patients and families have that are often associated with the transition to hospice care.

Both hospice physicians find great benefit in conducting physician visits in the place of residence for each patient, as it allows them to see first-hand how the patient is doing and how their family is coping.

High-quality hospice care is important at Silverado and these visits are another example of how we achieve it!


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