H.U.G Corner: Thought of the Week 8/1

Location : South Houston Hospice

Quiet Mind: One-Minute Retreats from a Busy World

As you might guess, I love epigraphs, those pithy sayings that capture an important idea in a few, happy words. Each of these reflections begins with an epigraph. There are many that I like, but if I had to choose my favorite, on many days I would choose the one above.

Consider the magnificence of the moments when we remember the Ojibwa saying. Any of the moments of your life can become a wonder, any situation you’re in can be affected by transcendent joy.

The two of us are in a grocery store, doing the shopping for the week. We are a bit annoyed with each other. You pick out some things, I others. There are a few questions- “Do we have enough milk? How many bagels should we get?” – But mostly we are both focused on what we are doing; our care for each other is not expressed in clear ways. Actually, I am feeling sorry for myself, having to put up with your moods. (But remember, a great wind is bearing us right now dramatically, miraculously across the sky!)

Some friends have stopped by at a very inconvenient time. I have planned a couple of projects that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I am trying to be nice, trying to be patient. I wish they would go. I wish they never came. (But remember, a magnificent wind is enfolding us all in its arms and bearing us, imagine, across a sky!)

Especially when you’re feeling sorry for yourself, let your pity be the trigger for a still point that will transport you across the sky.

Today, be awake to the Great Wind in the midst of stress or routine.

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