Silverado Volunteer: "I gave, but I Received More"

Location : South Houston Hospice

By Silverado Volunteer

My experience volunteering for Silverado Hospice became much more than I ever expected.  My hope in becoming a Hospice volunteer was to give of myself to someone in need and make their life a little easier. What I received was far greater.

I met C.S., who appeared to be fearful of someone new and after introducing myself she would only answer yes or no to my questions and would not feed herself at meals. 

During my regular weekly visits l revealed more about myself and would learn more about C.S. and what interests her. She had been the choir director of a Catholic church.  I told her that I played the piano but I was not very accomplished and asked her if she would listen to me play and make suggestions.

Before long, C.S. was speaking in phrases, smiling when we played familiar music, and beginning to feed herself. With time, she would ask me questions and our conversations grew with both of us learning what is of interest to both of us from reading romance novels, to playing the piano - I would play the left hand and she would play the right hand - and talking about our families.

Sharing C.S.'s world has taught me so much more about living.  We laugh, we talk about girl things, we share our worlds.  In giving of myself to her, I realized that I came away with so much more.  In giving you truly receive, and volunteering for Silverado Hospice has been an amazing journey for me.

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