Silverado Medical Management Program

Location : Aspen Park

30-60 day Interdisciplinary Medical Management Program

Does your loved one have one of the following:

  1. Started new medications
  2. Having troubles taking medications
  3. Exhibiting new or exacerbated behaviors
  4. Have a decline in overall health
  5. Frequent admits to the emergency room or hospital
  6. General level of care changes that make it difficult to manage at home or current living situation
  7. Frequent falls

If so, our medical management program is what you are looking for.

  • Complete medical and psychological evaluation
  • 24 hour RN coverage with behavioral monitoring
  • Master social worker
  • On-site medical director
  • Complete pt/ot/slp evaluations
  • 1:7 caregiver staffing ratio
  • Weekly care conference with treatment team
  • Daily engagement programming
  • Discharge planning  and referral to community resources
  • Weekly communication with primary care physician


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