Testimonial: "The atmosphere at Silverado was caring, involved, loving..."

Location : Aspen Park

"My family and I would like to thank you for the service you provided for our father, Dwaine A., while he was there. It made a difference in his life and ours. Thank you more than we can express. We loved your employees, Joyce, Dazi, Lindsey and many more. Please thank them for their loving care.

The atmosphere at Silverado was caring, involved, loving, and our dad was allowed to be who he was. He had had trouble in a few places before Silverado and we expected the same, but instead, he changed. What a surprise and blessing for us. We recommend your community to anyone who has a parent who needs a climate of freedom, in a sense and employees who get involved in the lives of their patients. So again, thank you!"

- Dee A.

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