Silverado Hospice Assists the Homeless

Location : Utah Hospice

At Silverado, we believe that how a person leaves this earth is as important as how they spent their life on it. We are fully committed to providing the best care to all of those we serve and often provide assistance to veterans, homeless and indigent people who are diagnosed with chronic and terminal illnesses.

We are always looking for people who are in need and who we can help. A couple of years ago, our social worker reached out to a patient who was diagnosed with end-stage liver cancer and resided in a homeless shelter. The patient had no insurance or resources and did not qualify for Medicare. However, with the help of our social worker, the patient was able to receive Medicaid insurance and was placed in a Skilled Nursing Facility for room and board.

Our hospice team didn't just stop there. They went above and beyond and were able to reconnect the patient with long lost family members who were able to get in touch before the patient passed. Our entire team came together and purchased him a cell phone so he could call his family when he wanted to because they lived out of state!

This is just one of the many amazing stories that happens at Silverado Hospice everyday.

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