Testimonial: "Silverado is a beautiful, well-kept community, and the staff is truly wonderful!"

Location : Brookfield

To whom it may concern,

Our mother's mental state has been deteriorating since our father died in 2008: memory loss and decreasing interest in care of herself and her home. Then, in 2014, she had to be hospitalized, and for some incomprehensible reason, to ease her anxiety they put her on anti-psychotic medications that caused her to hallucinate, turn aggressive and abusive, and lose consciousness of everybody and everything around her. When we moved her to Silverado, she was so heavily medicated with unnecessary drugs that she was slumped in a wheelchair in a semi-comatose state, unable to walk, talk or feed herself. We knew that under the layers of medication, our mother still had life to enjoy.

Silverado heard our story and believed in Mom.

Within days, the nurses at Silverado were asking why Mom was on all those medications. They gradually decreased the doses and within a month she was off the unnecessary medications and we found our mother again. She started walking again, relating with people again and most importantly experience life. When her medications have needed from time to time, Silverado has been amazing at readjusting the dosages accurately to work through any behaviors.They have been able to prescribe and maintain a balance that leaves Mom content, aware, attentive to activities during the day and able to sleep peacefully at night. We started taking Mom out to lunch again, she started joking around again and we couldn't be more grateful!

The entire staff at Silverado has consistently gone the extra mile, beyond doing merely what has to be done to provide basic care. They are compassionate with all the residents, which gives us the confidence that this is the quality of compassionate care that our mother receives every day, even when we're not there.

They engage the residents in a variety of activities that stimulate the brain - different types of musical presentations, purposeful games that stimulate memory and/or fine motor skills, arts and crafts and food preparation. Our mother is hardly ever in her room during the day because the caretakers make sure the residents are engaged in these daily activities in the common areas.

Silverado has also been very family oriented. All of the weekly musical events and all activities in general are open to visitors. All visitors are welcome to have meals with the resident that they're visiting free of charge; and all the meals are very well prepared, varied and available also as finger food. They offer a family holiday celebration for Easter, Christmas and Halloween. And another important thing is that Silverado has been so family accommodating with care. They've been open and responsive to family input on any issue.

Aside from the music, our mother's favorite activity is to go out into the courtyard in nice weather and stroll around and sit in the gazebo enjoying nature and the peace. Silverado is a beautiful, well-kept community, and the staff is truly wonderful!

- The Benson Family

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