Testimonial: "When I checked out Silverado, I discovered exactly what I was looking for..."

Location : Oak Village

"I was looking for a more suitable place for my mother-in-law who because of her increasing memory loss was beginning to isolate herself in her small apartment in an assisted living community.  She was becoming lonely and depressed.  Although the community she lived in had plenty of activities she could not remember what was on the other side of her door and the thought of venturing out scared her.  I needed to find a place where she could not be cut off from the rest of the world. 

When I checked out Silverado (on a whim) I discovered exactly what I was looking for.  The sign said "Silverado Memory Care" and I was skeptical.  My experience with "memory care" was a group of elderly people sitting in front of a television all day except for eating meals.  When I walked into Silverado the first time it was very noisy with voices and busy with people and a couple of dogs which apparently felt the need to check me out. The staff was friendly and very eager to tell me all about how Silverado was committed to getting their residents involved in the various activities they had going on all day. I could see that they meant it, and knew I was in the right place.

My mother-in-law moved in shortly afterward, and since then she has improved both physically and emotionally.  Although her Parkinsin's continues to advance she walks around much more now, and overall is more steady on her feet. I think this is due to gaining some strength back thanks to being more active.  I watch her enjoying the activities especially the singing.  I don't think she likes playing Bingo as much as she likes winning at Bingo,as I see an increasing number of prizes adorning her walker, and taking over the top of her dresser.  She likes to show me all the prizes she's won, and tells me the names she's given some of them.

The nurses, CNAs and other caregivers have been outstanding not just in the way they care for my mother-in-law, but also in the way they welcome family members and make us feel comfortable when we visit. Knowing that my mother-in-law is active and engaging with others is what has made me confident we've made the right choice.

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