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A Walk with Bill

Those with Alzheimer's have a tendency to wander, which can add to the challenge of maintaining independence and safety. Bill was most certainly a wanderer when he came to Silverado, but it was a challenge the associates were dedicated to overcoming. 

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Silverado Escondido  

When Bill came to Silverado Escondido he had a history of wandering away from several places he had lived. His Alzheimer's caused delusions and paranoia that prompted his urge to wander. Despite special measures taken at both his home and an assisted living facility, Bill continued to get out (even taking another resident with him on one occasion).

Bill served in the military for 17 years, and the Silverado staff was aware that he was a keen strategist and would likely try to escape. Although Bill could freely stroll around the community's secure courtyards, gardens and outdoor pathways, initially it wasn’t enough. He observed when and how people came in and exited, tried different ways to get out of the building, blatantly tried the few locked doors and attempted to sneak out with a group of people.

All Silverado associates were on alert about Bill’s wandering ways, helping redirect and divert his interest elsewhere. After close monitoring and adjustments to his medications by his physician, Bill’s delusions and paranoia significantly diminished and he began to interact with other residents. Social engagement with military men residing in the community made it easier for Bill to feel more comfortable and secure.

Soon Bill was able to walk unaccompanied around the community's spacious grounds, spending quality time with his friends and family without feeling the urge to leave. One of Bill's favorite spots was the lobby, opening the door and welcoming friends (both new and old!) into the community. In addition, the team was able to decrease Bill’s medication and his quality of life has greatly improved. 

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Silverado Escondido  

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