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What a Difference a Month Makes

When Edith's family moved her into Silverado they were hoping the change in surroundings would help her at least a little. She was unable to walk and she was clearly being strongly affected by her dementia. A month later a change many thought impossible had happened!

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Edith was in a weakened state when she moved into Silverado. The photo of her in the bed is literally from her first night at the community. Silverado's social worker, in learning about Edith's love of animals from her family, made sure one of the community's cats was there to comfort her. Anyone who is a pet lover knows firsthand the magic that can happen when a loving animal is nearby. 

Over the following days and weeks the Silverado community team worked with Edith to assess her situation, discover her preferences and identify the spark inside that would allow her to find purpose once again. 

A month later Edith walked - under her own power - into the Del Mar Racetrack and enjoyed an afternoon of horse racing with her daughter. As unbelievable as it seems, the two photos on this page were taken about a month apart. Edith moved into Silverado in 2001 and happily lived many more years at the community.

Watch a video of our CEO and co-founder Loren Shook telling Edith's story in 2010. 

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