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Cognition Preservation


Kim Butrum shared her exerptise with Senior Living Executive Magazine for a story about brain health, titled Cognition Preservation. Kim provides insight on the importance of normalization and purposeful activity. 

"[Sunrise's] Day Club is an example of 'normalization,' which Kim Butrum of Silverado says is one of her company’s guiding principles. When Loren Shook co-founded Silverado 18 years ago, the company’s mission included specializing in assisted living with a focus on memory-impairing diseases.

'Essentially that means whatever would have been normal for that resident throughout life we incorporate it into life in the community,' Butrum says of normalization, 'so they really feel it’s their home.'

That could mean the use of pets, ageappropriate activities, and incorporating visits from children. Butrum says research shows that 'social activities with a sense of purpose have a significant benefit' against the progression of disease. As an example she said it’s not just taking a baking classbut being involved in the life of the community that allows such a resident to feel that sense of purpose.

When it comes to age-appropriate exercise, the benefits can be outsized. Mounting evidence exists that while vascular dementia (dementia resulting from a stroke) is rare, vascular disease is a secondary and accelerating factor in diseases like Alzheimer’s, Butrum explains. Activities such as brisk walking five days per week, tai chi, or Ping Pong can do the trick."

Read the full story here.

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