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BBC: "Poems Offer Glimpse Into Dementia Patients’ Inner Lives"

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Because part of delivering world-class dementia care means providing a variety of resources, today we are sharing an interesting article published by BBC titled, "Poems offer glimpse into dementia patients’ inner lives." Read it here:

Poetry’s ability to sum up the light and shade of human life has been one of its enduring qualities. “Poetry lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world”, wrote Shelley, while American author James Branch Cabell said “poetry is man’s rebellion against being what he is”.

The poems written by those taking part in Living Words’ work are a rebellion against a very personal form of oppression – the effects of dementia. For the last six years, London-based writer Susanna Howard has been working on a project with patients living with dementia, writing down their words during conversations carried out during residencies in care homes.

The project came about after...Full Story Here

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