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Customercare ENRICHED

By Jon McCraw

Stressed is a word we hear often from our hospice patients and their families. The face of hospice is often the volunteers, nurses, doctors and caseworkers who care for patients, but there is support required beyond that. This is what inspired us to create the Silverado Hospice Customer Care team.

About a year ago, we began working on a plan to create a team that provides world-class customer service at every stage of hospice care. Because the need for hospice can come at any time, one of the most important features of this new team is 24-hour availability. Team members completed a rigorous training program where they learned in-depth information about our services, how to help potential patients and their families access these services, and direct our current patients and their families to any other needs they may have.

The plan was rolled out in phases, beginning with a new patient inquiry program that ensures potential patients and their families will always have access to a trained Admissions Coordinator when they call us. This was designed to help expedite the start of hospice service and provide callers with a resource specialist to meet their needs.

In the second phase we extended our hours by including nights and weekends. Each team member was also trained to work closely with our current patients and their families and direct them to the appropriate on-call personnel as needed. Additionally, we implemented direct connect technology, enabling our Customer Care team to directly transfer callers to their local nurse for guidance or assistance.

From the first night our new program went live we were able to see the difference it made, and it continues to have a growing impact. The satisfaction that comes with helping people through a difficult time is rewarding, which is why we invite anyone with hospice questions to call day or night. We’re here to help.

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