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Our Favorite Pet Stories

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Meet animal companions from different locations!

Silverado’s pet integration has always been a staple of our unique philosophy of care. Here are just a few of the many pet stories that help to enrich lives at Silverado.

 Plano Pets

Many Silverado community pets are rescued, and events like the one community’s pet adoption day help us share the joy of uniting pets in need with families they can love.

Orchardpark Eli

Eli was rescued from One Tail at a Time shelter. He was a bit shy at first, but with loving residents and staff around him constantly, he’s now thriving! 

Fortworth Emma

Emma who is deaf, was adopted from Second Chance Farm. One night not long after she arrived, Emma started barking outside of a resident’s room. The resident had a seizure shortly after. Emma stayed and watched over the resident for the rest of the night. 

Valleyranch Magnus

Magnus is a yellow lab mix who loves pats on the head and going on outings with residents. He always has a tennis ball (or three!) at the ready for a game of fetch.

Nexus Note: Physical exercise — like playing fetch with Magnus — can help improve vascular function and maintain mobility. 

Valleyranch Petsandkids

Pets and kids together is a recipe for joy in our communities. Jessica, the daughter of an LVN, enjoys walking new community dog Cricket. 

Valleyranch DRFS

Director of Resident and Family Services, Katie Rogers, poses for a picture with Sweetie, who loves to greet visitors and climb up to be close people. 

Escondido Residentvolunteer

Every week Escondido residents make dog bones from scratch, packaging them up with beautiful ribbons and hand delivering them to the Humane Society. They also take a few moments to walk around and visit with all of the animals waiting to be adopted. View full story

Nexus note: Purposeful Social Activities like the Escondido residents’ volunteering can increase longevity, reduce stress and improve quality of life. 

Escondido Residentandbird

Animal themed outings are especially loved by our residents. Recently, several Escondido residents had a great time visiting an exotic bird sanctuary! Link to story

Silverado Hospice Orange County

Hospiceoc Zip

Zip is a certified pet therapy dog who provides love for those who most need it — anyone from Silverado Hospice patients to children who need support when testifying in court. 

Silverado Hospice Los Angeles 

Hospicela Cinderandash

Cinder (left) and Ash (right) are therapy dogs who specialize in comforting Silverado Hospice patients. The love and affection they bring has made a difficult time easier for many patients and their families. View full story

Highlandpark Animals

Cats and dogs are common sights in Silverado communities, but these residents are showing that a community’s animal friends have scales, feathers and fins as well!  

Nexus note: Stress ReductionAnimals are great stress reducers, and lower levels of stress have numerous benefits for people of all ages.

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