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7 Surprising Facts About Baby Boomers

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Until this year, Baby Boomers were the nation’s biggest age demographic (just recently surpassed by the Millennial generation).  Baby Boomers are defined as those born between 1946 and 1964.  They may also be known as the generation who swooned over the Beatles, grew up watching television, or were active in social change.  Here are some other surprising facts you may not know about this fascinating generation.  

  1. Baby Boomers make up 26% of our population - Statistics from our U.S. Census Bureau show that there are 75.4 million Baby Boomers, the second largest age demographic under Millennials at 83.1 million.
  2. California is home to more Baby Boomers than any other state - Nearly 9 million Baby Boomers live in California, over Texas’ (5.6 million), and New York (5.1 million).  
  3. Baby Boomers are delaying retirement - Research has shown that the generation is delaying retirement due to the desire to stay active.  Gone are the days that retirement is dedicated to sitting at home.  In fact, many vow to continue to stay busy with future travel or special project plans.  
  4. Four Baby Boomers have been our president - Our four U.S. Presidents include Bill Clinton, George W. Bush,Barack Obama and Donald Trump.  
  5. Almost a third of Baby Boomers have graduated college - According to recent census data, an estimated 28.8% of Baby Boomers have earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher.  
  6. Most Baby Boomers are homeowners - It’s no surprise since owning a home was an integral part of the American Dream image. Today, nearly 80% of Baby Boomers own the houses they live in. In fact, one in four have more than one property.  
  7. About two-thirds of Baby Boomers are married - A total of 66.5% percent of Baby Boomers are still married, while 11.7% have never been married. Today, 17% of Baby Boomers are divorced.  
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