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Memory Care Community Takes Inspiration from Feng Shui

Location : The Huntington 

Anyone who has ever visited a Silverado can tell you that it’s not your average memory care community. From the pets and delicious smells like fresh-baked cookies to the tablet-based digital activities, innovative care is what Silverado is all about. And based on the joy in the faces of the residents, families and staff, this unique style of care is working.

Now there’s something new at Silverado – if you can call something that is actually thousands of years old “new” - the ancient art of Feng Shui!

The Silverado Alhambra Memory Care Community in California was recently expanded and remodeled, and part of the project’s design inspiration used traditional Feng Shui. Jessie Kim, a certified Feng Shui consultant, helped consult with the designers to ensure traditional standards and functionality were maintained.

“We’re developing an environment that is calming, comfortable and promotes interaction for a better quality of life, not only for the residents, but for the staff as well,” Kim said. The flow and harmony that is found in Feng Shui is applied in the improvements and specifically engineered to mesh seamlessly with the unique needs of those with memory loss. Silverado’s living designs are already award-winning, and the addition of Feng Shui only adds to the environment.

The property was originally a family home of famed World War II U.S. Army General George S. Patton; the 1920’s historic has yet been maintained since Silverado purchased the home in 1999.  “We’ve been working with the city, the architect and contractor to ensure that everything is consistent with the architectural integrity of the Patton home and period.” said Paul Mullin, Senior Vice President of Development for Silverado. “It’s designed for a blend of historic elegance and modern memory care innovation, very important elements to the local community, our residents and families.”

The new expansions to the community have also come at opportune timing. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the number of people age 65 and above with dementia will increase more than 42% in California during the next decade. Silverado is optimistic in their plans for growth to keep up with the demand for more senior communities.

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