A Parkinson’s & Movement Disorders Program Success Story

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Ms. M, a resident at Silverado Cypresswood, was living with Parkinson's disease that was complicated by dementia, depression, low back pain, postural hypotension and a malignancy. After a series of falls alerted her doctors that action was necessary to keep her mobile, they suggested a physical therapy program. The newly-launched Parkinson’s & Movement Disorders Program, which was offered within her own community in partnership with Genesis Rehab Services, seemed like a perfect match to help her face her disease’s challenges.

When Ms. M began physical therapy, she required assistance to get up from a seated position and walk short distances using a walker. Her hypotension (abnormally low blood pressure), which limited her tolerance for physical activities, was an added risk for falling. Other treatment complications for Ms. M included stooped posture, bradykinesia (slow movement) and general muscle weakness.

Ms. M’s physical therapy course started with a focus on progressive strengthening, motor movements, rhythmic movements, gait and balance. On days when she was not in physical therapy, Ms. M participated in a restorative nursing program designed to assist in reinforcing the strength, balance and movement patterns she had learned in therapy.

To help further, Ms. M’s physical therapist also addressed her hypotension — both the ability to recognize the symptoms and how to take appropriate actions to reduce fall risk. Through it all, specially trained Silverado associates supported the Parkinson’s & Movement Disorders Program’s strategies at every turn.

All of this specialized attention has led to some
truly spectacular results for Ms. M:

  • She is walking up to 750 feet with general supervision without any assisting device
  • She hasn't had a fall since initiation of therapy

The real magic of Ms. M’s participation in the program showed on a recent community outing to Galveston. Not only did she walk largely unassisted for most of the outing thanks to her improved mobility and balance, but several times she had to wait for the group to catch up!

For more information on the Silverado Parkinson’s & Movement Disorders Program, please visit silverado.com/movementdisorders.


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