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Silverado Featured as Guest Expert in #ElderCareChat on Brain Health

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#ElderCareChat recap -

Silverado was pleased to serve as the expert panelist for last week’s #ElderCareChat, a highly regarded forum for those who are passionate about the well-being of seniors. We engaged participants in an exciting Twitter conversation on the importance of brain health as we age, and ways to keep the brain in optimum condition. The hour-long #ElderCareChat highlighted the fact that the brain plays a critical role in every aspect of life—so it’s crucial that we protect it. Here’s the stark reality: Studies suggest that short-term memory peaks at age 25 and begins to decline at age 35. Plus, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia begin to change the brain decades before symptoms appear.

But, as we shared on the chat, there’s good news: By participating in certain activities and living a healthy lifestyle, we can keep the brain healthy and slow the progression of cognitive decline. Of course, aerobic exercise is critical to a healthy lifestyle. We recommended walking, swimming, jogging, yoga, and tai chi, as well as seated exercises such as marching and stretching. In addition, traditional brain games such as word puzzles and Sudoku can improve current neural connections, and board games activate strategic and spatial memory areas of the brain.

During the Twitter session, which generated more than 3 million impressions, we encouraged participants to challenge the brain by learning something new—even something as simple as using your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth. Here’s why: New activities encourage new nerve growth, activate the hippocampus, and trigger new neural connections.

Quality sleep is also essential to a brain-healthy lifestyle. Most adults need at least eight hours of sleep per night, but don’t often get it—a fact affirmed by ElderCareChat participants. But lack of sleep impairs the ability to process, store, and recall information. For those struggling with sleep, we recommend you relax every muscle in the body, focus on deep breathing, and don’t watch the clock! Over the #ElderCareChat hour, participants were excited to share their personal tips on practicing a healthy lifestyle to curb cognitive decline. Here are some highlights of the discussion that took place (scroll through to view all):

#ElderCareChat analytics 10/4/17

#ElderCareChat is presented by and sister sites and as a forum to share resources, experiences, and expertise in eldercare. #ElderCareChat typically meets mid-month; the next chat will be Wednesday, October 25, 2017, at 1pm ET. Stay tuned to @OurParents Twitter handle for further details.

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