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Silverado Associates Host Wedding at Silverado Onion Creek Community

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December 30th, 2017 was a blissfully happy day at Silverado Onion Creek. Our Administrative Assistant, Nicole Haining, and former Plant Ops Assistant, Marco Corona, were married by our very own, Sam Dominique, Director of Plant Ops. This was Sam’s 76th wedding in his illustrious Ministerial career! The two met at work nearly two years ago and Marco joined the Marines in December 2016 and is now stationed in San Diego.

After a short eight months of being in California, a mysterious beautiful bouquet of roses showed up at work for Nicole. Marco professed his love for Nicole and the love story began!

Everyone knows that prep for a wedding takes months, but not at Onion Creek! With the help of residents, family members and our associates, we hosted a beautiful wedding.  Administrator, Michelle Neumann, served as wedding planner and photographer. Director of Resident Engagement, Teri Davidson, made the BEST cupcakes and cake. Resident, Barbara Way, was flower girl and she was escorted by Nicole’s brother, Justin Haining. Ring bearer and Silverado associate, Charles Franks escorted the Maid of Honor, Liz Brodine. Honorary Father of the Bride, Steve Lakits was beaming when he gave Nicole’s hand to Marco. Family members, Martha Pinto, and residents, Sue Cowen, Alex Cantu, Betty Huebinger, Eva Stork, General Meyer and so many more helped with planning and decorations. Letha Thomas, Shayla Del Toro, Selena Rojas, Rhonda Kennedy and so many more added their many talents to the day’s festivities. 

Marco flew back to California on January 3rd to rejoin his battalion. Nicole will join him in June after she completes another semester at Austin community College.

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