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Recognizing Military Spouses on a Day Just for Them

Location : San Juan Capistrano 
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Veterans help show appreciation for special residents

Whether providing support, caring for children or managing a household while their spouse is deployed, military spouses work hard and make great sacrifices to ensure those in uniform can focus their efforts on defending the country. To recognize the wives and husbands of those enlisted in our military, the Friday before Mother’s Day was designated as Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

This past May 11th, Silverado Hospice Orange County and the Silverado San Juan Capistrano community collaborated on a moving tribute to veterans and spouses of veterans. “Our ongoing partnership with We Honor Veterans and the San Juan community’s many military spouse residents who made for a perfect opportunity to do something very special,” shared Christine Hernandez, Director of Family and Support Services for Silverado Hospice.

The event itself was nothing short of spectacular, with veterans, active duty service members and even the mayor of San Juan Capistrano in attendance! The community was honored to host active duty veterans Petty Officer, Second Class E5 Brandon Barajas; U.S. Navy, Sergeant Pretoruis 1st class, U.S. Army; and Sergeant William G. Marshall. 1st class, U.S. Army. In a touching ceremony, uniformed veterans recognized and saluted the community’s military spouses for their selflessness, faithfulness, devotion and unwavering support to their partners. The wives were each presented with certificates and white roses in gratitude for their outstanding commitment.         

It was a special day for those honored, and a wonderful opportunity to share memories about being a military spouse. One resident’s husband was in World War Il, Korea and Vietnam while another’s was a POW in World War II. One of the residents served an Army Medic and served in the WAC (Women’s Army Core). It was a day of deep meaning for everyone involved, showing those who had given so much that their efforts were recognized, appreciated and cherished by the people who benefitted.

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