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Silverado Beverly Place Hosts Elegant Masquerade Ball

Location : Beverly Place 
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A magical evening of fun.

There are so many fun and engaging social events at each Silverado community that identifying “the event of the season” is never easy. At Silverado Beverly Place in Los Angeles, CA, however, there can be no doubt that their recent masquerade ball formal was not just the event of the season, but of their entire year!

Preparations for this magical evening started long before the event itself, with residents, families and associates diligently picking out dresses, gowns, suits and tuxedos. The day of the event, associates lovingly did the ladies’ makeup, hair and nails, while the men prepared to look dashing in their finery.

The community dining room was transformed into a grand and glittering ballroom, covered in marvelous décor and filled with the sounds of festive music. A fine gourmet spread was the final piece to create the perfect atmosphere for the attendees.

Residents and their families were awestruck by the elegant ambiance that had been created within the community. The festive atmosphere was contagious, as residents, guests and associates were all caught up in the sheer joy of the evening — laughing, singing and dancing the night away. From the beaming smiles of newfound friends to truly special moments shared between spouses, the connections were both special and plentiful.

A family member summed up the thoughts of many who were there that night when they said I never thought I would have so much fun and be able to enjoy such a special night out again.


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