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Testimonial: "Thank you most of all for the love and care..."

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A letter from a family member

"To our friends at Silverado,

I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all that you do for our loved one.

Thank you for dedicating extra time and care to my mother-in-law when she recently suffered the loss of her husband, it means so much to my wife and I that when she has times of grief there are always sympathetic staff members to provide comfort.

Thank you for the dedicated, thorough, and knowledgeable nursing staff. In the years preceding moving our parents into Silverado, I helped manage healthcare, doctors, medicines, and chronic health issues for them. I understand the amount of detail and accuracy of treatment which is required for each individual and I am grateful for the level of care my mother-in-law receives.

Thank you for coordinating all of the other external health services we need, such as visiting physicians, podiatrists, therapists, and of course a hairdresser!

Thank you for all of your assistance working with our social workers, long-term care providers and visiting nurses! With Silverado, this is seamless.

Thank you for ensuring that nutritional and memory disorder needs are constantly being met. Being able to eat with Mom is not just rewarding for the time spent together, but the food is very good. In six months time, her cholesterol levels went from high to excellent resulting in less medication being needed. I attribute this to the quality of the meals provided. We also enjoy participating in the many daily activities.

And, thank you most of all for the love and care each and every one of you give every day. Moving loved-ones from independent to assisted living is one of the most difficult thing a child can do, and we do not doubt we made the correct decision with Silverado."

- Edward R. Knueppel, A Silverado Family Member

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