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VIDEO: A Day at the Races

Location : Home Office 


When you see 80-something Ed and 70-something Mike joking and laughing, you assume it’s just two longtime friends enjoying each other’s company. Watching the duo discuss which horse to pick at the racetrack, there is a clear bond. But Mike and Ed are more than average pals.

Mike is Ed’s Silverado At Home personal attendant and also friend.

The pair’s story together began about four years ago when Ed was diagnosed with memory impairment. While Ed lives in an assisted living community, his family knew that keeping him active and maintaining social engagement was important to living well with his diagnosis. For Ed’s further support, they chose Silverado At Home.

Mike, an active retiree with a passion for helping others, got to know Ed and his family — it became easy to tailor activities to Ed’s tastes. The two men can be found at the gym, having lunch or spending an afternoon at the race track. Mike is well-loved by Ed’s family and enjoys this opportunity to bring relief to them.

Suitability and personality are important factors in matching a personal attendant to an At Home client. While our foundation is providing good care, our focus on comfort and connection enhances quality of life for a client like Ed who faces challenges with cognitive decline. Shared interests and the ability to relate to each other can mean the difference between a good pairing and a great one.

As anyone who has seen Mike and Ed’s “guy time” can tell you, their match is definitely great!

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