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WWII Submarine Veteran Recognized for His Service

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Recognizing veterans for the sacrifices they have made for our country

Pinning ceremonies provide opportunities for veterans to share their stories and for their contributions to be acknowledged and archived. Recently a group of navy veterans from near and far came together to pay tribute at a pinning ceremony for Columba “Colly” O’Gorman, a WWII submarine vet who has lived a wildly colorful life.

Shortly after turning 19, Colly joined the Navy submarine force: “Because my country was at war.  I had just gotten out of high school and wanted to do my part,” he shared. Colly served from 1943 to 1946, his service bringing him many tense moments throughout the Pacific Ocean Theater and culminating in seeing the mushroom cloud from the Hiroshima atomic bomb from offshore.

His daughter, Mymy, describes her father as resilient, having lived through many chapters: from the Great Depression and working to support his family at a young age, years spent competitive bodysurfing, his military service and ensuing real estate career, to surviving metastatic melanoma in his early 70’s and an open heart surgery at 88.

Jeanette Shin, Social Worker and Corey Adam, Patient and Family Advocate, both veterans, have supported Colly’s family along his hospice journey, and were truly proud to share stories of their own service.  

Members of U.S. Submarine Veterans Incorporated from Riverside and San Diego were on-hand to share their memories and stories of Colly, as well. Special thanks to Silverado Hospice Team, volunteer Lt. Commander Corly Fernandez, Colly’s family, and Mike Patzius.

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