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Community Provides Four Rescue Cats a New Home

Location : San Juan Capistrano 
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Meet the new feline friends at the San Juan Capistrano Community!

The Silverado San Juan Capistrano community recently adopted four cats from Catmosphere Laguna, Orange County's first cat cafe. These four felines were struggling to find a forever home due to them being bonded couples who were required to be adopted in pairs - a mother and son pair, Mame and Natto, and another pair of close buddies, Arthur and Thomas.

They received a very warm welcome from our residents and associates, already making themselves at home and enjoying our community's beautiful grounds. San Juan has provided these four cats with a home, and in return they offer residents companionship and a sense of purpose, whether it's from feeding them dinner or grooming their fur. We're looking forward to seeing all the relationships that will bloom between these cats and the residents!

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