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March is National Social Work Month

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Celebrating social workers

You may already know that social workers play an important role at Silverado, whether in a memory care community, as a member of the At Home team or within the hospice team. All of our social workers are an incredible resource to the families they serve.

The Ultimate Resource

Social workers walk side-by-side with families to help them navigate this difficult time in their lives. They start by fostering a relationship with their loved ones and their support system, in addition to providing emotional support. Silverado social workers know the importance of ensuring the family feels they are heard, and making sure they acknowledge their feelings and come from a place of acceptance. 

Not knowing the next steps is a common feeling for families with a loved one going through memory impairment or other life-limiting illnesses, and social workers want family members to know that we are not just a service for their loved one, but also for the family. Social workers connect family members with networks like support groups or individual counseling and provide education about grieving, coping and the importance of staying healthy during such an emotional time. They encourage families to be as involved as possible, ask many questions, and seek assistance from the social worker.

Compassion Personified

Having a loved one with memory impairment or life-limiting illnesses can be challenging, but Silverado social workers are there to provide full support, whether it's grieving the loss of a loved one or stress from caring for a loved one living with dementia. 

Helping people and assisting in this process is the reason why many of Silverado’s social workers chose it as their life’s work. There’s incredible value in being an instrument of support for someone who’s sorting through challenging situations, but also in the simple act of meeting these people and listening to their stories. The social worker team exemplifies Silverado’s desire to truly make a difference and we are proud to recognize social workers for their compassionate and inspiring work.

Thank you for all that you do!

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