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Residents Attend a Community Masquerade Ball

Location : Home Office 
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Residents enjoy an evening of music, dancing and food

On the evening of the masquerade, the community was transformed into an enchanting ballroom with a lively atmosphere. Upon seeing all the decorations, our residents brimmed with excitement. The men donned their classiest outfits and the ladies were dressed in their prettiest evening wear. Our associates helped the residents prepare for the ball, and the ladies especially loved looking glamorous with their fancy dresses and makeup. One associate even noticed a resident tearing up upon seeing herself in the mirror.

Attendees also enjoyed a delicious gourmet meal, prepared for by Silverado's own Chef and culinary team. Only the finest of dining experiences would have been appropriate for this event, and the culinary team delivered a feast that was not only perfect in flavor but presentation as well.

And of course, what masquerade ball would be complete without music and dancing! The community had three live performers that night, filling the hallways of our community with tunes and singing! There was no end to the countless magical moments that were shared as residents, family, friends and associates all danced the night away. Mrs. Walbridge-Clark, the wife of one of our residents, Mr. Clark, details a joyous experience she and her husband had listening to the music, sharing that she enjoyed the music so much that they danced for the first time in many years. Many of our families also expressed similar sentiments of living in the moment and dancing as if no one was watching. 

Towards the end of the night, the community held a vote for who would be King and Queen of the Ball. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Sharp for winning the titles!

Overall, the Masquerade Ball was a huge success! It was a night where everyone gathered for the purpose of celebrating each other, the friendships and family. It was a night filled with love and cheer, where the only thing that truly mattered was having fun and enjoying each other's company.

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