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COVID-19 Isolation and Dementia

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What are the impacts?

It has long been known that isolation can have a detrimental effect on individuals with memory impairments, and in the current climate of isolation protocols to help stem the tide of the COVID-19 virus it’s important to take a closer look.
Isolation protocols for individuals living with dementia can be challenging, causing increased risks of agitation and depression. Isolation precludes many activities that have shown to be beneficial for maintaining cognition, principally among them are social interaction, physical exercise and purposeful social activities. When the opportunities for all of these activities are removed or severely limited this can put families and caregivers in a precarious position.
Though modified to meet the added health and safety restrictions of COVID-19, Silverado is still placing an emphasis on ensuring residents receive the beneficial, research-based programming for which we are known. Hear more about the challenges of isolation for someone living with dementia, from Kim Butrum, MS, RN, GNP, Silverado’s Senior Vice President, Clinical Services.

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