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Benefits of Respite Care

Respite care allows caregivers and family members a much-needed break from the stresses of caregiving while their loved one continues to receive the level of personalized care their condition requires

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The short-term relief provided by respite care has been shown to combat the stresses that lead to caregiver burnout and, by extension, help lower some of the risk factors involved with a caregiver’s role.

Respite care like Silverado's Flexible & Overnight Care may be beneficial to both the caregiver and the individual receiving care. Caregivers receive a chance to do things like travel, run errands, socialize or rest, all of which can be vital to avoiding burnout, keeping healthy and delivering the best care.  Aside from the advantages of a well-rested caregiver, those receiving the care can also benefit from specialized care, new surroundings, engagement activities and opportunities to socialize with others experiencing their same condition (depending upon how respite care is carried out).

Depending upon preference and level of care required, respite care can be provided in a number of locations. In-home caregivers or companions can be very convenient, though the benefits provided to the individual receiving care are generally less. Specialized adult day care centers are also an option. Some memory care providers, such as Silverado, provide respite care focused toward clients with dementia. This type of care includes the benefits of clinical expertise, a secure environment, level-appropriate activities and staff trained to meet the unique needs of individuals with dementia. 

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