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Advantages of Silverado's Nursing Practices

Providing residents the highest quality of life possible is the foundation of Silverado’s philosophy of care, and this goal would not be attainable without our dedicated nursing staff and the practices they follow.

Combining the compassion and clinical excellence that define world-class care, Silverado nursing is a shining example of how we’re working to raise the expectations of memory care.

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Find a Silverado Location
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Silverado Locations  

Silverado Nursing Highlights

  • Each community has a nurse who serves full-time as the Director of Health Services, directing and managing the health delivery systems within the Community to ensure optimum quality of care and quality of life for all residents
  • Licensed nurse on-site at all times
  • Specialized in the unique needs of those with dementia
  • Trained to manage comorbidities of memory impairment, such as diabetes
  • A focus on reviewing and (where possible) reducing medications with the goal of maximizing alertness and engagement
  • Commitment to aging in place and avoiding the trauma that comes with hospitalizations and changes in surroundings

Standard Features of Silverado Nursing

  • Comprehensive nursing assessments
  • Individualized care plans, developed with the resident and/or family
  • Management of respiratory issues and monitoring of oxygen
  • Early identification and management of changes in condition to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations (learn more from our industry leading clinical outcome data)
  • Diabetic management
  • Catheter care
  • Colostomy care
  • Screening for urinary tract infections

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