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While there is currently no cure for most progressive forms of dementia, it doesn't mean we're powerless against them. Mounting research is building an understanding that there may be ways to slow the progression and change the pathologies of many common dementias, giving those afflicted with them and their families the possibility of more precious, fulfilling moments together.

This is the basis of Nexus.

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Nexus, from the Latin for "connections," is Silverado's specially designed program to help individuals in the early stages of dementia build and maintain cognitive ability. The program is comprised of six pillars of activities in which memory care residents and Flex Care guests will participate. The program consists of 20 hours per-week of specialized programming along with individualized assessments and tracking that is provided to families quarterly. The links below provide details on these six pillars and outline the research that contributed to the program's design.

Based on a growing body of compelling evidence that lifestyle factors can affect the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease, Nexus at Silverado has been found with statistical significance to stabilize or improve cognition and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) performance among residents in the early stages of dementia. In fact, this program served as a pilot for Mette Andresen, PhD, Professor, University College Absalon, Denmark, and National Expert on Dementia research, who has now committed to implementing a brain-health program based on the six pillars of NEXUS in Danish long-term care facilities.

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Nexus Pillars

Physical Exercise

Physical activity and aerobic exercise have been found to have significant brain benefits.

Stress Reduction

Methods such as guided meditation, Yoga, Tai-chi and more have been shown to provide benefits such as improved activity in the hippocampus.

Cognitive Exercise

Engagement in cognitively stimulating activities early in the course of Alzheimer’s has been associated with slower cognitive decline.

Specialized Digital Programs

Tools promoting critical thinking and brain fitness have been shown to improve auditory processing speed, attention and memory.

Purposeful Social Activities

A strong social network involving purpose-oriented activities has been found to protect against cognitive decline.

Support Groups

Studies suggest that support groups may benefit individuals with dementia by reducing depression and improving quality of life and self–esteem.

More Resources

VIDEO: A Nationally-Renowned Doctor on the Benefits of Nexus

Jeff Cummings, MD, ScD, and Director of the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health at the Cleveland Clinic discusses Nexus.

See Videos of Medical Authorities Discussing Nexus

What do memory care physicians and professionals think of Nexus? Click here for videos explaining how Nexus works and why pillar is so important. 

Brain Healthy Diet Information and Recipes

Studies have suggested that certain foods can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Find out more here!

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